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State Patrol Assembly: The Importance of The Seatbelt

Do It Or Die!

by Jenna Thayer

October 24, 2011

On Wednesday, October 19th, 2011, the Silver Lake student body and staff watched a demonstration outside the high school, reinforcing the importance of seat belts.  The state patrolmen showed a rollover simulation with an adult and child being in an accident both with and without their seat belts on, at only 35 miles per hour, and the effects were drastically different.  The officers then gave facts and real life accounts of their own experiences with seatbelts and how important they are. 

The officers stated that even if the adult buckled in the kid, if the vehicle were to rollover to the side of the passenger seat, an adult could be thrown up against a child and could do serious bodily damage by crushing the child who was buckled in. "There are very rare cases where the driver was better off not wearing the seatbelt," the officer stated.  

As the officers stated, they have heard every excuse in the book from, "I only live a couple of blocks" to "I want to be able to get free if my vehicle starts on fire," and all of them are unacceptable.  

Why take that chance?  Buckle up - you never know, the life that you save could be your own!

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