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Earth Jamboree

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Earth Jamboree 2018

Becky Bartels

September 20, 2018

On Tuesday, September 18thh, 5th and 6th graders from Silver Lake Elementary attended the Earth Jamboree at the Clay County Fairgrounds in Clay Center.  The students participated in eight different sessions that discussed topics dealing with our planet Earth.  Here is a recap of how we spent our day. During the Environmental Jeopardy session students played a jeopardy game with the topics of surface water, Nebraska Lakes and Rivers, Shallow Water, Pollution not Dilution, and the Water Cycle.


Junk Art was a session that students were able to take everyday pieces of trash and turn it into art.  They discussed how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and that 75% of trash could be recycled but only 25% actually is.  The students had fun making a frog, a skateboard, and a robot out of the collection of trash.


Wild World of Pest Management was a session by Larry Schulze, Professor Emeritus from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. He discussed the 4 different types of pests, methods of controlling pests, and the types of pesticides that can be used.  He brought along with him 2 large Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, and ‘Corny’ the corn snake to share with the kids.


In the chemical look-alike's session, the students learned that many harmful chemicals have a similar appearance to some common everyday products that they enjoy eating or drinking.  They learned it is very important to not store other liquids in containers that are not clearly labeled and the steps to calling the Poison Helpline.

The treasure hunt was a session on how to use a GPS.  They discussed what a global positioning system is, how to use one, how GPS’s are used and then went on a scavenger hunt using a GPS to find different plants native to Nebraska.


Wild Tracker was a session with the Game and Parks of Nebraska.  The students looked at different animal pelts, animal skulls, and animal prints. Science on the farm was a session where the students learned about animal by-products.  They looked at many things they use every day that are a by-product of the animals raised on our area farms.  They talk about Nebraska being #1 in raising popcorn, agriculture is the #1 industry in Nebraska, and for every one person in Nebraska, there are 3 cows.  Students also got to get up close to some 9-day old piglets.


Amazing World Under our Feet was a session on our soil.  They discussed what makes up our soil, why we need soil and then they were able to mix up and make their own soil.


All in all, the students had a wonderful day with great weather.  When asked which session the students most enjoyed, the majority said they loved the Wild World of Pests and Junk Art the best.  Sixth grader Emma Schmidt said she loved the Junk Art because she got to make things.  McKenna Pankoke said she enjoyed the Treasure hunt because using the GPS was fun.  Fifth-grader Beau Bonifas said Junk Art was also his favorite because they were able to use their imaginations.  Trevor Kral said the session he enjoyed most was the Pest Control because he got to learn all about chemicals and what to use when.  It was an informative and fun day!

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