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Heads Up for Homecoming

Shaylen Beaty

October 09, 2019


Every year, Homecoming week is a week of celebration, teamwork, and creativity. Each day is intricately themed and uniquely presented. Every dress-up day is a competition of the classes. Who will put in their best effort? Who will show their artistic side? Who will idle out, or not try at all? These questions are answered daily as students and staff compete head-on for the most honorific and meaningful reward of all time: First place in the lunch line!

First and foremost, we begin with Monday. This day, known as “Decades Day,” was an interesting challenge for the student body. Partaking in such a casual throwback to the 60s, 70s, 80s, and even the 90s was no easy feat. Most of the students and even some staff members had to rummage their parents’ and grandparents’ closets just to meet qualifications. Despite this, there was a decent handful of winners: Mrs. Bonifas, Max Hammer, Michael Trausch, Kerigan Karr, Taylor Hanson, Louden Shockey, McKenna Pankoke, Lana Swanson, and Tarissa Minnick make up the winning circle.

For our second day, the students showed their class patriotism by fighting in this year’s annual “Color War.”  The battle was brutal, students’ faces plastered with makeup and paint, clothes riddled with duct tape, and even household appliances were used as the ultimate tie-breakers. For some classes, the green 7th graders, for instance, this challenge was dependent on how much of their corresponding color, that they owned, while for others, such as the white wearing Juniors, it was simply a matter of how much they could bring. In spite of these obstacles, there was a hefty plethora of conquerors: Brock Karr, Tyler Cumpston, Mrs. Hinrichs, Trista Hanson, Luke Swanson, Kerigan Karr, Tristan Kasson, Makayla Dinkler, Amanda Ehrman, Tommy Grimes, Jenna Strampher, Taylor Hanson, Jaden Lewis, and to top them all, Madison Miller. 

On Wednesday, we had quite a few interesting encounters. It would seem there was a friendly invasion of aliens this homecoming week, very befitting of this year’s theme “Out of This World.” We even had some extra help from NASA just in case things got out of hand. For this challenge, true dedication was required. A small circle of extraterrestrial invaders won this challenge: Tommy Grimes, Logan Shockey, Katelyn Strampher, Samantha Bonifas, Jenna Strampher, Taylor Hanson, Luke Swanson, Trenton Schmidt, Tristan Kasson, Ashley Jensby, Lana Swanson, Marissa Erickson, Mr. Knehans, and Mr. NASA himself, Mr. Crowe.

For Thursday, it was quite an interesting wardrobe choice. Known for their influence online, VSCO Girls have made their mark on our school. All through the halls were girls, and even boys, in oversized shirts and shorts, showing off their hydro-flasks and internet prowess. However, that wasn’t all. The boys joined in, as well, with their Frat Boy garb! Khaki shorts and button-up shirts ruled the halls on this day. Yet despite the uniqueness of this challenge, some still rose to the top! This includes Sophie Butler, Taylor Hanson, Eric Blythe, Marissa Erickson, Samantha Bonifas, Taiton Trausch, Jenna Strampher, Lana Swanson, Tommy Grimes, and Mrs. Hinrichs.

Finally, we reach Friday to finish off the week. For this final day, the student body and staff were all asked to show off their Mustang pride. If you walked into the school on this day, you would be flooded by a wave of students washed in Maroon, Silver, Black, and White! With the works “Silver Lake Mustangs” confidently plastered on their garments, every student walked like kings and queens through the hallways. However, despite all of the pride, only a few select monarchs stepped up to claim the throne: Maddie Karr, Addison Schmidt, Taylor Hanson, Sydney Bartles, Jenna Strampher, and Lana Swanson.

Another homecoming tradition that was carried on by Silver Lake was the Homecoming King and Queen. This year's homecoming royalty were Jaden Lewis, Makayla Dinkler, Abbie Skupa, AJ Niemeyer, Zane Journey, and Tommy Grimes. The winners, voted by all staff members and students of Silver Lake were Jaden Lewis for queen and Tommy Grimes for king. They were awarded their positions at the homecoming game prior to the homecoming dance.

And so we end our homecoming week with pride! With every challenge rose new conquerors, and every day brought new generations to our school! Hopefully, next year’s homecoming will be just as diverse, intriguing, and challenging!

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